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Glass polishing machine enterprises how to improve…
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Glass polishing machine enterprises how to improve their core strength


The face of today competitive glass polishing machine, single manufacturing companies continue to shorten the value chain, manufacturing companies focus on their core competencies, and many production service business contracted outside professional glass polishing company.

For example, the high maintenance costs due to the increased number of devices glass machine, equipment, technology, complex, self-maintenance equipment generates, many manufacturing companies have been outsourcing to professional glass grinding equipment maintenance service company or the original glass polishing machine equipment manufacturer. With the further development of China's economy and the maturity of China's service outsourcing market maintenance, glass polishing machine equipment maintenance outsourcing has become a trend. China's manufacturing enterprises urgently need to break the inherent thinking, exploring the development of a new model of outsourcing glass polisher machine equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance promote professional and social level continues to increase.

Since Glass grinder Machine drop caused by wear and tear so that the accuracy of semi-finished quality accidents occur; inspection the school has designated inspection resulted in displacement error occurred, causing the quality of the accident; quality testing equipment failure caused the accident; substandard raw materials caused by a large number of defective; operatives due to the training work in place, glass grinding machine equipment downtime caused by improper operation; maintenance personnel glass polisher machine equipment failure caused by improper maintenance and downtime. These abnormalities are often encountered in production, as soon as possible in order to troubleshoot, first found by analyzing the cause of the failure to take positive measures to improve and correct operation, in order to reduce the loss of business.

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