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Glass Machinery Development Breakthrough
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Glass Machinery Development Breakthrough


Glass machinery industry is a green economy can be recycled in the construction of ecological civilization, reflecting the industry health, recycled, recyclable, reusable advantages.
To promote the development of green industries, China Daily Glass Association will guide the development of the glass machinery industry the following three aspects.
First, the household glass machinery production evaluation system as the industry standard. Implementation of standards will help improve the industrial transformation work to improve the mechanization and automation, the level of information to promote cleaner production and energy conservation, improve glass machine efficiency.
Secondly, in the important project and guide the glass machinery industry to strengthen the research and development of lightweight manufacturing technology, combined with the actual situation of the industry, the drafting of a high quality lightweight glass machinery roadmap.
Third, by the company, the brand and the name of the region famous for Chinese propaganda and glass bottles and jars and other light weight glass machinery advanced enterprise selection, etc., to increase industrial brand strategy implementation efforts.

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