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Optional glass edging machine quality service is t…
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Optional glass edging machine quality service is the key


Glass edging machine for us, probably familiar things, and we deal with it every day almost always see the glass windows will think. They are either transparent or with printing, then you have not thought about these or transparent or colorful glass all rely on will become so neat to be applied? That is the glass edging machine. Thanks to the glass edging machine will be cut and processed glass to make glass in different shapes and styles applied to various glass edging machine fields.

Major R & D Manufacturing: Glass machine, glass machinery processing equipment, horizontal glass edging machine, cabinet glass machine, CNC grinding sides, triangular crystal glass polishing machine and equipment.

In addition, the company also developed and produced glass washing machines, drilling machines,Glass edging machine, glass machine and other single-round glass machinery, the products refined, high-energy, power, precision, technology and processes have reached a domestic advanced level. In 2007, the company products Glass edging machine passed the European CE certification, successful entry into the European market.

Currently, the company Glass edging machine has a full range of 51 national patents, four major items CE certification, and have sophisticated technology, excellent management team, strong sales team, with import and export rights, the research and development of glass edging machine series, in addition to supplying the domestic market, but also exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East more than forty countries and regions, deeply domestic and foreign customers. The Glass edging machine is cut and processed to make glass in different shapes and styles applied to various fields.

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